Groundwater levels raw data and download

This data has been collected on a monthly basis as part of a pilot project by the GWRDB from February 2021 using manual measurement techniques with tablet-based data upload through open data kit (ODK) software. For downloading all data, select show '1000' entries and press CSV on the upper right corners.


  • District, Latitude, Longitude, Altitude, and Precision are location and GPD information of the well location.
  • Well type is "sw" for shallow tubewell and "dw" for deep tubewell.
  • Gw_level is the groundwater level in m below ground level.
  • Height of Measurment Point (MP) refers to the heigh of the well outlet where the groundwater level is measured.

For downloading all monitoring data:

Date District Latitude Longitude Altitude Precision Well_Type Measurement_Point_Cm Measurement_Of_Wet_Point_On_Tape_In_M_Field Gw_Level_From_Mp Mp_In_M Gw_Level Fid Well_Num